Failed to create Anaconda menus

After my first attempt at executing a ML program in Weka platform, I wanted to switch to Python. I did take up an online course on Python a few months back. So Python was my go-to language/library in my ML journey.

As explained in this article, I had to install Anaconda to set up the environment in my laptop. I downloaded the Anaconda 3 2019.10 Windows 64 bit version, and when I installed (on Windows 7), it threw an error “Failed to create menus” as shown below.

After clicking Retry a couple of times, ignored this error and went ahead with the installation. After the installation, I could not find Anaconda program in Windows Start Menu. So the above error might have caused a problem in the installation itself.

I tried multiple times by uninstalling and installing again but without any success. Then I came across this post in Stack Overflow, where it was suggested to use an older version of Anaconda. So I downloaded  Anaconda 2 2019.3 Windows 64 bit version, and the installation went successfully. At this point of time, I’m not sure about the difference between these two versions, but this should suffice for my initial learning.

Now I’m excited to execute a ML program in Python.


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