The ML bug bit me!

My journey in programming started with C language and later changed to VB6. Changed my role from Windows programmer to Database programmer specializing in Microsoft SQL Server. After 4 years in DB programming, changed my technology to SharePoint (MOSS 2007). Along with SharePoint, got to program in C# and ASP.NET. For more than a decade I have been working on SharePoint. Alongside, I also got my hands dirty on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS and currently on Angular 8.

After many years of programming experience, I was feeling I need to learn something more and different. Something which is way different than what I have done/been doing through multiple languages and technologies.

That’s when I heard about Machine Learning. When I read a few articles on ML and how it is helping in various domains, I started digging a bit more about it. What I got to know was ML is different than a traditional programming I have been doing. That’s how the ML bug bit me!

In the year 2019, I started researching on “learning path for ML”. I referred many posts in Quora, Stack Exchange and read many blog posts. Of course, there were many online courses available to get started with ML. The one which many people suggested was the popular course in coursera “Machine Learning” by Andrew Ng.

So I took up this course and started learning ML. To cut the story short, I could not get the concepts very well. The concepts like Algebra, Linear Regression,  Gradient Descent etc were going out of my mind. It was a very long back I had studied some of these concepts. It was very difficult for me to keep the pace with the course and finally I quit after completing a few weeks.

Of course, I was disappointed and frustrated. I took a break from ML and again I started researching on “what’s the best way to learn ML”. I googled a lot and finally in 2020, I came across a site Machine Learning Mastery. Especially the post ML for Programmers gave a different perspective to ML learning.

I have taken this top-down approach to learn ML. In this site, I’m going to share my ML journey so that any other developer can get a glimpse of how the journey will be and if I succeed in future to become a professional ML developer, these posts may help as a reference posts.

With this not-so-brief introduction, let me end this post.


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