Changes in this site

For almost 2 years, I did not write anything here! Not that I had nothing to learn or write, but I was heavily occupied with some professional engagements. I'm back now and with some changes.

When I created this site, I was planning to keep this site dedicated to the world of Data Science and ML. But a lot of things have changed in my professional career. Hence, I'll be changing a few things in this site as well. Let me first share what has changed in my professional life.

I was a SharePoint professional for more than a decade. I started my journey with SharePoint somewhere in 2007 as a Developer and grew as a Team Lead, Architect and then Senior Architect. Anything around SharePoint was my comfort zone! If people come to me with a requirement, I can confidently say whether SharePoint is the right tool for this or not. And if it is the right tool, what would be the architecture and design of the application would be.

As they say, being in a comfort zone for long may not be good from the career perspective. With the cloud version of SharePoint in the market, there are many tools and technologies associated with SharePoint Online (as it is called in Cloud version). So, there was no "end" for learning as such. However somehow, I was not convinced myself that I'm not in a comfort zone and also, I started feeling "bored" of SharePoint. When your colleagues start talking about all the new things happening in the world, and I'm still talking about good old SharePoint, I didn't feel confident. So, I decided to move out of SharePoint, and I did by the end of the year 2022.

Yes, I am officially out of SharePoint world after 16 years! Of course, in these years, I did learn a lot more technologies which are not related to SharePoint yet complement it.

What's next? I will be working on some new technologies in research and development department. I cannot share more information at this point in time. Keeping this change in mind, I thought of expanding this site to more technologies which I'll be learning/working. So, this will not be confined to ML only, rather ML will be one of many technologies which I'll be learning and sharing through this site.

I'll be changing the URL of this site as well. Probably, it will take a few weeks to come up with an appropriate site address (sub domain to be specific) and the title. I'm quite excited on this and looking forward to sharing my learning and experience through this site.


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